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The Pathway Bundle Package

Can't afford an accountant yet? Pathway can take care of everything for your business including bookkeeping and tax filings. This package includes:

  • Cloud Bookkeeping - audit ready general ledger

  • GST Filing

  • Payroll Management

  • Year End - Corporate tax return and Notice To Reader financial Statements

  • T slips - T4, T5 and T5018 slips

  • Personal tax

  • Advisory calls

  • Full CRA audit suport - You don't need to talk to CRA any more


Pathway offers trained professional bookkeeping services for small business owners including consultants and sole proprietors. With our cloud bookkeeping tools, we start by importing your bank and credit card transactions into our bookkeeping software and classify transactions to the proper accounts. 

Corporate Tax

If you already have a bookkeeper or an accountant, we can help you with year end tax return and preparing Notice To Reader financial statements. This service includes:

  • Necessary year-end adjusting journal entries and Notice To Reader financial statements

  • Corporate tax return (T2) and e-filing it with the CRA

  • CRA Audit support

GST Returns

For GST claim, you don't have to incorprate a corporation. You can register GST account voluntarily as a sole proprietor and claim GST refund even though you did not exceed $30,000 small supplier threshold. 

Pathway can help you from the GST registration to filing. We can prepare your GST return and file them online to ensure you never miss a deadline. 

Payroll Services

Paying employees can be a complicated process and engaging a payroll service provider such as ADP and Ceridian can be an expensive solutions for small business owners and seasoned entrepreneurs. 

With Pathway, we handle most of your payroll. All we ask are:

a) Provide us with rates and hours for each pay period,

b) Make payment to the CRA.

c) Relax and don't think about payroll

Personal Tax / Non-Resident Tax

Tax software only knows what you tell it and it could miss deductions you deserve. 

The rules changes every year and you certainly do not want to miss all the credits you can claim. 

At Pathway, personal tax return starts at $100 per return

Non-Resident Tax Withholding, Remitting, and Reporting

You don't live in Canada nor a Canadian Citizen? 

You still can be a Canadian tax-payer according to the income tax act if you have an income source in Canada. You are responsible for withholding and remitting Part XIII tax, and for reporting the income and withholding tax on an NR4 information return. The NR4 information return includes NR4 slips and the related NR4 Summary. 

You have to file the NR4 information return and give the recipients their NR4 slips on or before the last day of March following the calendar year to which the information return applies. 

At Pathway, Non-Resident tax return starts at $175 per return

Virtural Accounting Services

Cash flow is one of the key elements for small businesses and your company cannot afford a full-time in-house accountant yet. We understand you are busy running your business and may not have time to look over cash flow, profitability, and loan covenants.    

Pathway provides virtual accounting services with an affordable hourly rate. Now your business can have a professional CPA only when you need it while you can focus on growing your business. The service includes:

  • Cash Flow Overview and Management

  • Profitability and covenants Reviews 

  • Providing strategic recommendations 

  • Managing the processes for financial forecasting and budgets

  • Overseeing the preparation of all financial reporting

  • Dealing and Negotiating with Lenders


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